Due to drastic rise in technology and vast development in digital market, there is a huge amount of increase in rates of cybercrimes. In this new era, it is very hard to perform a normal bank transaction from one entity to another entity without becoming a victim of cyber-attack. So, in order to make these transactions easy and provide reliable and secure transactions without the inclusion of third party we are introducing a whole new process that will bring a revolution in this field that is IOTA Ledger Wallet.

First let’s clear some basic, what is IOTA? IOTA is nothing but Internet of Things. The basic idea is to use the device itself for transaction without taking third party organisation into consideration. Ledger is the remaining amount in user’s bank after all the transitions, so all the amount that is transferred is deducted from the user’s ledger. The most important advantage of IOTA Ledger is it is resistive to cyber-attacks. Since there is no third party, there wouldn’t be any trust issue and so there won’t be any scamming. The basic concept that IOTA wallet works on is blockchain where the amount is directly transferred from one account to another and the notice is sent to all the nodes of that blockchain. This makes it more secure and reliable.
The beta version of our product is up online and working smoothly. We have successfully made a transaction from ledger to Ledger wallet IOTA. It is very simple to user this device and preform transactions and the amount of features we provide are magnificent. If you are planning to move to this new process of transaction then we will definitely recommend it as traditional way is more tangible to cyber-attacks and can’t withstand them thus resulting in loss of money whereas as this can prevent that loss.